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Loewen MHF Cowboy 2E 

Loewen MHF Cowboy 2E.jpeg
Registration #: 43819777
DOB: 1/9/2017
NJW 33TB 100W Trust 167Y 
Loewen Miss 994W 6X 7C 
Pedigree & EPDs
• Great cows abound in Cowboy's pedigree. 
• The dam of 167Y; Tequila Roe, NJW Daydream 73S, Copper Herefords famous 440P cow, and Lowen Miss 33T 5S 6X. Awesome udders and production. 
• Cowboy is Homozygous Polled. 
• Cowboy ranks in the Top 2% UDDER, IMF, CHB Top 3% REA, Top 4% TEAT, Top 5% CEM, Top 8% YW, BII  Top 11% CWT, BMI
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