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LJR MSU X51 Bosch 371B 

LJR MSU X51 BOSCH 371B.jpeg
Registration #: 43537292
DOB: 9/5/14
KCF Bennett Revolution 4R 
LJR Morgann 385X
Owned By:
Pedigree & EPDs
• Bosch's individual performance: BW 104% WW 97% YW 108% REA 112% and IMF 108% 
• Great phenotype with awesome performance. 
• Fully pigmented, ultra dark red and short marked. 
• Bosch is a herd maker 
• Bosch's first calves are easily born, have tremendous eye appeal and good performance.
• His first daughters are in production and have nice udder shape with well placed teats.  
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